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Energy homes and sustainable living

sustainable living

Sustainable homes are Warwick O’ Brien Architects' passion and commitment to the preservation of the natural environment. We have been working in this arena for over twenty five years.

Sustainable living involves a commitment to the concept of sustainable architecture by the home buyer. They become an ongoing participant of its benefits into the future through saving on energy costs, and greenhouse gas emissions whilst enjoying the comfort and lifestyle it embraces. Understanding the principles of green homes and being involved in the on-going management process bonds one to the building, strengthening the ownership.

Sustainable home designs respond to climate and location. Whatever the orientation and topography of a client’s land, woba will produce design options that will fully satisfy all brief requirements and carefully integrate them with the principles of environmental sustainability.

Sustainable energy can be produced in many ways. Whilst solar energy is the most obvious and accessible green energy source there are many other systems available that Warwick O’ Brien Architects has either developed or included as part of solar passive designs.
Such systems include:

• solar flues
• subsidence towers
• geo-thermal energy systems
• trompe walls
• in-window evaporative coolers

Alternative materials include:

• rammed earth
• mud brick
• fibreglass reinforced plaster panels
• magnesium oxide fibreglass reinforced panels

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