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Interior Architecture

interior-architectureInterior design is an intrinsic part of the holistic design process of each Warwick O'Brien Architects bespoke project.

Generally Warwick O'Brien Architects' approach to interiors is to allow the walls and ceiling to reflect as much light as possible so as to minimise the use of artificial lighting and therefore save energy. In these instances the furniture, soft furnishings, objects and paintings e.t.c. Provide the colour and points of focus within the spaces.

For those clients seeking more dramatic solutions Warwick O'Brien Architects also works in collaboration with an independent interior designer who has extensive experience in Australia and U.S.A.

Modern homes should reflect the appropriate use of current products, materials and finishes. Cathy Jones, being active in the industry is familiar with current and emerging trends and is therefore well placed to present clients with a wide range of options from which to develop exciting interior architecture.

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