LATEST ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS/ from Adelaide Architect, Warwick O' Brien

An innovative design solution

Completed: January 2008
Cost range: $260,000 – $280,000

The clients brief called for an innovative design solution that incorporated a cherished low water use native garden. Sustainability was also high on the client agenda.
The site contained a transportable that was clad in asbestos. It had very poor thermal performance and the rear garden was hardly visible to the interior spaces. The orientation of the existing dwelling was at 45 degrees to north.
The addition is angled at 45 degrees to the existing building, giving it a true north orientation. The internal partition walls were opened up so that living spaces opened up to the native garden. The asbestos was removed and before the corrugated iron cladding was fitted, substantial insulation was added to the wall and ceilings spaces. All existing windows were replaced with commercial section double glazed



Plan shape to optimize solar access
Thermal mass in floors (polished concrete)
Bio-Lityx waste treatment system - treated water irrigates garden
High levels of insulation in walls and ceilings
22,000 litre rainwater tank reticulated to house
Commercial aluminium windows with double glazing
Improved natural cross ventilation
Solar pergola to north deck
Solar hot water system
Sunshading to windows
Sweep fans
Sloping ceilings with high level awnings
Natural ventilation
Future photo-voltaics


Corrugated metal sheet cladding and Eco-ply
Metal sheet decking
Polished concrete
Commercial section
Aluminium with double glazing