What we do

We are a team of architects in Adelaide dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for our clients and the environment.
Warwick O'Brien Architects works to protect the environment and the global population through sustainable architecture, offering a vast array of architectural services encompassing new, alteration and addition projects.
The journey is broken up into four stages and it includes submission to Local Council for Planning and Building Approvals and any attendant work necessary to achieve approvals.

Why choose wob architects


  1. We listen to your needs
  2. Our clients love the spaces we create and the comfort they generate.
  3. We are diligent in ensuring projects run to budget
  4. We have been committed to sustainable architecture since our inception and we are amongst the leaders in this field of work.
  5. We have been recognized in the industry and by our peers as demonstrated by the winning of awards and having our buildings presented on television – confirmation of the quality of product delivered

The beginning point can be as early as assisting clients in selecting land and developing a brief for the home. Next design concepts and documents for the builder are developed in concert with the client. Once a builder ahs been selected, superintending the construction of the building is undertaken to protect the client’s interests, and finally, post occupancy evaluation can be undertaken where appropriate.
We engage, on behalf of our clients, all of the necessary consultants that are required to complete the project such as engineers and surveyors etc.
Before planning documents are submitted clients are guided through a computer generated model that creates a three dimensional representation of the project so that clients can fully appreciate the spaces that will become their home.
Over a number of years we have developed a strong working relationship with one particular builder, which guarantees construction of a high standard that meets all of the criteria, demanded of sustainable building. Should clients prefer to call tenders for the project this can be accommodated as well.



Warwick O'Brien

Our key focus is the design of new dwellings and additions and alteration to existing dwellings that respond optimally to climate.

Alvin Huang

Over 8 years of design, drafting and documentation experience. Fully competent in 2D and 3D computer CAD modelling and presentations. Specialised in AutoCAD and Revit.


Cath Thomas and Caderyn McEwen

Warwick’s design blew us away when he first presented it to us. It exceeded our expectations. He knew what he wanted to create within about an hour of being on our block. We absolutely love the way our home performs. We live in the Adelaide hills and on sunny winter days, due to our design being north facing, and Warwick’s principles, we don’t need to light the fire, which is our only form of heating. The sun, streaming through our windows heats the slab and our entire space. It’s surprisingly warm considering we have chosen to have no curtains of blinds. In summer our polished concrete floor (slab) almost feels like air conditioning rising. Fans are our only form of cooling, as well as the superb breezes. Warwick has enabled us to control the temperature in a very natural way, which gives our home a beautiful feel.  We would definitely choose Warwick and Peter Panousakis, from buil...

Paul and Mel Lambert

Thanks to the designs of Warwick O'Brien we are living in a house which is both beautiful and functional. we worked with Warwick closely through the design phase which was a process we found interesting, stimulating and challenging. We found Warwick open and flexible with our design ideas and it felt like a meeting of minds around sustainability and green technology. If you have a passion for sustainable green design in your lived environment we would highly recommend working with Warwick O'Brien architects.” – Paul and Mel Lambert

Nancy and Brenda

Dear Warwick We could't let the festive season go by without special thanks to you for guiding us through our dreams. We are very thankful to you for starting our project in the way we wanted it to progress. The ease of our meetings and your generation of detailed ideas took us as absolute novices into a new world of design and engineering. We have agreed that had we known what a beautiful space it was to operate in we would have done it many more times in our lives. Many thanks for inspiring us to work with you in the creation and design. Your capacity to engage us, grow ideas and direct the proceeding has resulted in plans of the house we really want to live in. We are vey grateful for the range of ideas, people and expertise you have connected us to. Not least of course is Peter. We appreciate the working relationship that you two have that continues to grow our project. We do not...

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